The Factory Of The Highest Grade Human Hair That You Are Looking For

About US

Designed exclusively for women to showcase an elegant lifestyle, Berreal is a luxury wig brand committed to creating wigs suitable for all occasions that highlight female charm and boost confidence, while also caring for the planet. Berreal wigs prioritize both comfort and fashion.

Raw Materials

The highest grade of human hair only, and every single ponytail is 100% handpicked by our 20-year-experienced experts

Can be Re-dyed

Every single ponytail Berreal uses is natural color, neither bleached nor dyed, so you can play with Berreal's colors.

Sufficient Inventory

Berreal maintains a year-round inventory of  3,000-5,000 pieces of wigs and toppers.

Return & Exchange Policy

You can return the wigs with quality problems within 7 days after arrival.

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